Saturday, December 15, 2018

A Typical Life Right Now

I am part of the Worcester County Bar Association and I chair the Woman Lawyers Committee, which deals with trying to advance women in law, address whatever practice issues that they have, and provide educational opportunities as well.  I also co-chair the Juvenile Court Committee for the Bar Association, which deals with, again, juvenile court issues, policies, changes in the law, educational opportunities.  I volunteer as a lawyer for a day at Worcester Probate and Family Court once a month, for five or six hours at a time, helping people who can’t afford a lawyer to walk them through the process, and fill out their forms, trying to help them navigate the process.  I am on the board of the Elder Services of Worcester Area, which helps elders stay at home longer and provide services in their homes.  So, I have a lot of volunteer activities, and I hope that I have helped families and individuals and organizations as well.  That’s very important to me, to give back to the community. 
Erin Bradbury
From In Her Shoes

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